Almost done!

It has been an incredible month. Starting off in Catalonia with Angel and Sara to adjust with mi familia at the Alonso Aranda house, which is always just the best. Making my way south to Valencia after a few days, I got to see some old friends from Berklee that were still around and walk the streets as if we never left. Meeting up with my manager Mar, we went back to her home in Alcoy, and began the tour the very next day.

My first show was in Madrid, and it hasn't stopped since. I've been blessed with 11 concerts with attentive audiences, new fans buying my CDs and asking for signatures, 6 radio interviews, 1 TV interview, a handful of new videos, many few friends, and generious hosts who offered me their couches, beds, time, food and love. The 12th concert will be held tonight at La Harinera in Ciudad Real and I will have the pleasure of playing with my friends Ian Kagey and Sebastian Laverde. After that I will give one last interview, but this will be on Radio Nacional de España which is huge for me. I was offered the opportunity to play an acoustic set and give an interview during their summer radio series "Noches de Verano" to be broadcasted across all of Spain.

This tour has taught me years of knowledge about myself, my music, life, the world, and the people around me. I am so grateful for this experience and all who were a part of it, I love all of who I met along the way and I will always remember the times that we shared here. It's time to go pick up the van for the last show, until next time my family!

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