Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Wow, what an incredible time. My dear friend and fellow artist Geoffroy dared me to go to Central America for 3 weeks with no plan. What a great life decision. We met the most beautiful people on our trip from all over the world, had to kill a charging scorpion, saved a girl from falling off of a jungle cliff, turned "Strippers & Cocaine" into an anthem, reeled in a tuna without a pole, learned how to bartend, hitch hiked in trucks and so much more nonsense... wow. Geoffroy and I wrote a few new songs, played some shows and were given so much inspiration which has just left me feeling extremely grateful. There is such a big world out there, it's easy to get caught in your own little bubble so be sure to scare yourself every once in a while. Until next time Pura Vida! Here's the video of "Strippers and Cocaine"

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