Since moving to Nashville, I've been doing a lot of session work for other artists in the studio. In the last couple of months I've been working at Cowboy Jack's studio, who produced U2, Charley Pride, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. During my time there I've recorded piano, B3 organ, guitar, and most recently background vocals for a new artist and dear friend of mine Kirstie Lovelady (photo cred to her) who will be releasing her new single "Love Like That" soon!

​Also, my manager Mar has organized an international music video! We are going to be shooting half of it in Spain where she is, and half in Nashville. The Nashville Film Institute is providing a film crew, equipment and coordinating the logistics. Look out for the release of the video for "Jackie" this spring!

The writing has been fun in this town too. I've been cowriting with my buddy and lead singer of Wings of Apollo, Jesse Korby, on some new rock n' roll as well as developing my country chops with Tim Scott and Kirstie Lovelady. Hopefully we will get some cuts with Out-Write Music Publishing shortly! The creative director over there has been coaching me on the ins and outs of writing a hit song for the country market. 2014 should be a good one!

That's all friends, be well!

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