Moving to Nashville!

So it’s my last couple of days in Florida, getting my things together before I hit the road for Nashville. I have no house and no job but other than that I’m feeling pretty prepared for the move lol.

Leaving Spain was the most 50/50 emotion that I have ever felt. That sadness of leaving a city like Valencia and the family that I gained over there was beyond difficult, but I felt at peace with it because I know that I will be back (possibly sooner rather than later, I’ll keep you posted;) but I was also so excited to start the next chapter and begin my career in Nashville. I took a little visit a few weeks ago and it was amazing, I wound up in a party at a studio with a bunch of amazing players and people until 5am so I think this will be a good fit for me.

I am also very proud of my debut single available on all major digital distribution channels, here’s a link if you haven’t heard it yet!

More soon, I will let you know how the move goes wish me luck!

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