Rolling out!

Sitting in the Atlanta airport 5 hours early for my flight to Madrid, there is no one else at the gate. Just me, my guitars, sax and laptop. The soft and blurry sounds of Marley Carroll come through my headphones as I watch the people passing by. I hear the voices of Southern dialect sneaking through my music, realizing that it will be the last time for a long time that I will hear those sounds.

Awaiting me is a hot place filled with loving and vivacious people who embrace life to an inspirational level. The Spanish culture, from what I have gathered in my sophomoric travels, is an incredibly inviting, intense, and opened minded culture created and maintained by people that love music, dance, socializing and drinking with a most serious passion. So much less emphasis is put on materialistic collection and instead is placed on life experiences, adventures, and personal attributes in general. I feel like a personal move towards this type of thinking is something that I need. The two month Europe trip that Brandon and I took definitely taught me some things, but it wasn’t long enough to really sink in permanently, or maybe it was just my first time on an adventure of that magnitude and I need another experience. What ever the case is, I am curious and thrilled to have the opportunity to take a dive like this for a full year and come back a changed person.

When you think of all that we leave behind and all that we have left to experience, you feel how limitless the world is if we live in it fearlessly.

I am ready to go be a Spanish guy.

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